Installation - Scandinavianloft



Installation is included in the price and normally takes 1 to 2 days depending on the structure of your building.


At the moment we are only covering the Greater London area.
Depending on the space and structure of your building, you could possibly have whatever you fancy!

Structural survey and installation

A structural survey visit would be done prior to installation, which would also help you plan your space.

We’d like to ask you a few questions, to get an idea of whattype of installation you would need. We need to determine the construction of your home, the stability of the ceilings and walls.

Please describe:

* Do you own orrent your home?

* What type of property do you live in, and do you know what the ceiling and walls are madeof? (Walls and ceilings couldbe made of concrete, wooden beams and plasterboard for example)

* Where is the room you want the loftinstalled located in your property

* What size loft bed would you need? The sizesare standard European sizes (Ikea sizes) by the way.

We are happy to call you to discuss the above questions if you prefer. We ask these questions to get as much information as possible beforehand to relay to our installers.