Contemporary mezzanine loft
Contemporary mezzanine loftmezzanine-lofts-bespoke-stairs-storage-birch-ply-Scandinavian-loft-lights-studio-flat-londonmezzanine-lofts-bespoke-stairs-storage-birch-ply-Scandinavian-loft-lights-studio-flat-londonmezzanine-lofts-bespoke-stairs-storage-birch-ply-Scandinavian-loft-lights-studio-flat-london

Adult Loft beds



Adult Loft beds

Adult Loft beds designed to free up your valuable space. Now available in the UK!

These adult loft beds have been highly popular through out Scandinavia and are suitable for modern and period properties; in studios, box bedrooms, home offices, guest rooms, as a wall bed, etc

We design, build and install the loft beds the way you want it.

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  • Installation is included in the price
  • FREE UK delivery within 4-6 weeks
  • Bespoke finishes available
  • Any size

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