To Buy

  1. Start the ball rolling by filling in our form. The more information about your project, the better. For an example, what size do you need, single, double or any other size? What materials, mdf, birch ply or oak?  Do you need any electrical works such as additional sockets or LED lighting? Any additional storage etc. It is always useful to see pictures showing your space/room so we can get back to you with advice and suggestions. Please send your pictures to Where are you based? We currently only deliver in the Greater London area, please add your post code and contact details.
  2.  When we receive your information. We book a free design consultation, to talk through your project in more detail. It doesn’t take long, usually, around 20 min.
  3. We send you a quote. If we need more info we will get in touch with you.

If you have any other questions contact us on 020 3488 0448 or email


We do an assessment of your space/room before installation, to make sure your space is suitable.

for more info you can contact us on, 020 3488 0448 or email.


Upon order of our bespoke solutions, we take a 50 % deposit, 5 days before delivery 35% and 15% of the total price on the day of completion, which can be made by bacs transfer, credit or debit card.