Scandinavian Loft is a London based company specialising in unique, contemporary, bespoke, home interior solutions, including a range of loft beds and mezzanine lofts that give you that Loft lifestyle: Clever design solutions that ultimately improve your home and make the most of your space; more space to live, sleep, work, play and store.

If you’d like advice on interior design, how to improve your home and space saving tips don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

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Loft beds & Mezzanine Lofts

We are excited to offer an exclusive range of bespoke mezzanine lofts and loft beds that will lift your space to dizzying designer heights!

We are working in collaboration with designers and carpenters to create a range of solutions that improve your home and make more space.

The designer Per Mårtenson loft beds and mezzanine lofts using sustainable wood, have been highly popular in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia for the last 10 years.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer this tradition of Scandinavian loft-style living into new, contemporary directions in the UK. For a range of endless possibilities see images of previous work in the section loft bedsor mezzanine lofts


Moji & Malii founded in 2014, upon agreement of an exclusive licence with Per Mårtenson during his 1st UK appearance at The Scandinavia Show, to offer customers a range of space saving products, suitable for UK homes. Scandinavian loft has since then been supplying bespoke adult loft beds, kids loft beds, box room solutions and mezzanine lofts for the Greater London area.

We love living in London and recognize the problems people have with a lack of space; from living in small studio spaces and tiny one bedroom flats, to families needing to expand into larger spaces.

We want to provide design-led solutions to improve homes and maximize on the space available to make it much more enjoyable to live in.

Rachel Lasebikan (aka Moji) is a British designer, graduating with a fashion degree in 1998 and a Masters in Applied Innovation from Central St Martins in 2006. She headed a PR & Sales agency for young designers for 10 years, before creating her own fashion label and supplying the Topshop flagship store in London, as well as smaller boutiques.

Martin Malii-Karlsson is a Swedish web entrepreneur and Grammy nominated music producer and songwriter. He has worked with many top artists. Today he enjoys the creative process from designing to see the end product being built. Both Rachel and Martin share a love of design and a unified passion for social change!

We hope you enjoy our bespoke loft beds and mezzanine lofts. Please do keep coming back to discover new design solutions to improve your home and to create more space.